This guide will walk you through the initial quick-start wizard for setting up a new Ruckus Unleashed system.  This is the very first guide for Ruckus Unleashed.  Please see the Ruckus Unleashed Best Practices guide for complete setup and optimization.

Important: We currently recommend the Unleashed Firmware version – Updated Oct 25, 2023

The images in this guide are dated 11/23/2021 and are based on the 200.10.x.x Unleashed Firmware versions.  The GUI Images may differ slightly from your own.  Please check the main Blackwire Ruckus 101 page for the current recommended and supported firmware version. 

Be sure to check the Blackwire Ruckus 101 main page frequently for the Blackwire recommended and supported firmware version.  If you are using a different version, your view of the Unleashed Web UI and your network performance may differ slightly. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: *Blackwire does not recommend using the Unleashed Mobile App, the Configure.Me SSID or other setup SSIDs, the “”, or the factory default IP address.  Use a DHCP server to give the AP an IP address, scan the network, and use the Web HTTPS Based GUI for the best results.

Before you begin

IMPORTANT: Turn off the wifi on your computer and plug directly into the network switch or router. You will be doing multiple settings changes and trying to do this over wifi will be a frustrating experience and lead to issues.

IMPORTANT: Set up the first AP and finish our instructions COMPLETELY before you add additional APs to the network or start joining client devices to the WiFi.  Joining APs or client devices to a partially set up wifi system could result in AP firmware errors, or even certain devices blacklisting each other and refusing to stay connected.

Getting Started:

The first access point you hook up will become the Master Access Point. This AP will run the Unleashed Software and manage the rest of the devices. It is important to set up the Master AP first by itself, without plugging in any additional Access Points yet.  Because the Master AP will be doing more work than the other AP’s in your system, it is best to install the Master AP in a low-traffic location.

Plugin the first AP and give it about 5 minutes to boot up.  Run an IP scan of your network with a program like Angry IP Scanner for PC (or LanScan for Mac OS) to find the new Access Point’s IP address and MAC address.  Open a web browser, and log into the Master AP typing its DHCP IP address in like this – https://ipaddress

Note: you must use https://, not http://, or you will not be able to connect to the system.  

Pro Tip: Write down the last 4 digits of the MAC addresses and the Location of each Access Point before you install them in place.  You will need this later… especially if something goes wrong.

The Landing Page

The new Unleashed Access Point will load the Unleashed Setup Wizard.  If you can not reach the AP, you may need to reset it with a paper clip, but first: Clear your browser cache and follow the instructions for Clearing the Arp Cache on Your Computer

Firmware Mismatch

  1. If the AP loads the image shown here, you are on the ZoneFlex firmware and will need to follow the Unleashed Mismatched Firmware instructions. 

Landing Page

  1. By default, the setup wizard will choose Quick Install (200.10.x firmwares)
  2. Give your Wireless LAN a Name (ESSID) and Passphrase.  This first network will be your 5 GHz Homeowner WiFi network.  We can create additional networks later.
  3. Set and Admin Username and Password.  Do not lose this information.
  4. Select Finish


Finish and Restart

On the pop up window that says “Unleashed will restart…” hit the Yes button to continue.  This will reboot the system.


Be patient!

Do not navigate away from your browser or interrupt the update and reboot process.  If you need to multitask, use another device: navigating away from this page can corrupt the firmware and freeze the AP.

Almost Finished

When the setup wizard is complete you will see this page.  We do not recommend clicking the button that says “Login to to manage”, this function is not always reliable. 

Log in via IP Address

  • Hit the Finish button, and this should take you back to the IP address you used before to log into the new AP.  If this IP address does not work, clear your network scanning app, rescan, and find the new I
  • Enter the admin username and password you just created on the Quick Install page, hit the Unleash button, and you are done with the initial setup!  What a snacktastic interface! 

*Note: If you still have issues connecting to the new AP with its DHCP IP Address, clear your arp table, and clear your browser cache or use an incognito browser window.  Instructions for clearing your arp cache here: INSERT LINK FOR ARP INSTRUCTIONS*


Please continue on to the Blackwire Ruckus 101 – Ruckus Unleashed Best Practices Guide for instructions on how to create additional WLANs and optimize your setup

Best Practices