This step by step guide is designed to assist with updating Ruckus access points that are on an older version than the device running Unleashed Master.

Let’s get started by logging into the Ruckus AP running Unleashed Master software. 

Select the Admin & Services tab

1. Click on Administration 

2. Click on Upgrade

3. Select Local Upgrade

4. Select Browse under the Preload Image section. Upload the firmware file for your device missing the firmware and then give it a few minutes. NOTE: See important messages below on how to download firmware files from Ruckus. 

IMPORTANT: At the top of the page the Current Firmware Version is listed. Make sure you download that matching version from the Ruckus site. 

You will need to have an account to download files but it only takes about 20 seconds to set one up. Register Support Account

Go to and download the firmware matching the version you have for the access point model that is not up to date with your system. 

Once you upload the new firmware file the Unleashed system will update the access points on older firmware and reboot them this will take a few minutes. Please be patient.