This guide will walk you through step by step for installing a firmware update on any Ruckus ICX switch with a USB port. Note the ICX7150-C08 does not have a USB port. 

Required Items to move forward

  • USB to Serial Adapter or USB to RJ45 serial cable
  • USB Stick formatted to Fat32 
  • Program like Putty or OS X Terminal 
  • Account setup on (takes 20 seconds to setup)
  • Firmware file for switch downloaded from above link
  • 30 minutes of time. The firmware update will take a minimum of 20 minutes to install once you start it and can not be stopped. 

Download Firmware File

Click the ICX download button below to download the recommended ICX firmware. Transfer the file SPS08095fufi.bin to your USB drive.

(Note the C08P does not have a USB port. Please contact us for assistance with that model)

Logging into the switch

In our examples I am using the Mac OS X program Terminal to do this work. You can also use the
windows program Putty.

Connect the USB to serial to the switches console port. This is labeled |O|O|  

Tip: the 10,12, and 24 ports feature the port on the front left. The 48 port
switches have this connection on the back.

OS X Terminal Tip: If you have never used terminal for serial device before plug in your serial
to USB adapter and open Terminal.

  • Type LS /dev/tty.*
  • You will see a list of reuslts. In my example I see a Tripplite USB to serial named
    /dev/tty.usbserial-AQ00OH28 your name will be completely different but will
    most likely say tty.usbserial-xxx etc. Copy that complete name.
  • Type: screen /dev/tty.usbserial-AQ00OH28 9600 
  • This command will connect to the usb serial device at the baud rate of 9600

Putty Tips:

  • Select Serial as your connection type
  • Type 9600 as the speed 
  • Use Windows Device Manager and go to Ports (COM & LTP) to identify what com port your
    USB to serial adapter is using. Then type that COM number into the Serial Line box as COM1
  • Click Open when ready to connect to the switch. 
  • Press enter and you should see a login prompt from the switch. 
  • Username: super
  • Password: sp-admin

The switch will require you to change the password. Do something super easy like adminadmin 

Now type enable and you will see the Switch> change to Switch#

Uploading the firmware

To copy the files from the USB stick to the switch you will use the following command:

copy disk0 flash SPS08095bcufi.bin primary

Note: In our example the file name is SPS08095bcufi.bin as new firmwares come out this file name will be different. 

The file will start to upload and you will see a light show of periods scrolling on your screen. 

The file will take 45-60 seconds to upload and process. The confirmation of Bundle image processed successfully confirms it was uploaded. 

In most cases you can press the up arrow to re-type the last command you did. If that works remove the word primary and change it to secondary and press enter to upload the file to the secondary section of the switch. 

copy disk0 flash SPS08095bcufi.bin secondary

Note: your file name may be different. Wait the same time and look for the same Bundle image processed successfully message. 

Installing the firmware

Now the fun begins! 

Type reload and then press the Y key twice. The switch will reboot. 

NOTE: There is no going back once you start this. It will take another 20-30 minutes for this to complete. 

Break time! Go for a walk, enjoy the amazing snacks you found in your Blackwire shipment or go work on other non networking related tasks on the job site as this switch will be completely down for 20-25 minutes. 

Start a 25 minute timer and when it expires you should see something similar to this. The POE firmware download is a sign that it is nearing its end of the update. 

Messages like PoE Module 1 of Unit 1 Initialization is done means you are good to go.  If it has been 25 minutes and you see this message it is time to setup the switch. 

Programming the switch

Log back into the switch by pressing enter

  • Username: super
  • Password: sp-admin

You will see the same prompt to change the password again do something easy like adminadmin. 

The commands below are in text form so you can copy and paste everything if you like. Keep in mind you are to only use the commands after the > or # Example: device> enable = only type enable. The device part is referencing what menu system you are in with the switch. All of the commands are also in bold below. 


device> enable
device# configure terminal
device(config)# crypto-ssl certificate generate

This will take up to a minute. Do not move forward until you see the message ssl-certificate creation is successful. 

device(config)# username <username> password <password>

<username> <password> would be just the words with out the < > Example: username admin password $up3rs3cur3pa$$word!

device(config)# aaa authentication login default local 
device(config)# aaa authentication web-server default local
evice(config # no telnet server
device(config # enable aaa console
device(config)# web-management https
device(config)# password-change any
device(config)# ip ssh timeout 30
device(config)# ip ssh idle-time 20
device(config)# console timeout 30
device(config)# ip address <IP address> <subnet mask>

<IP address> <subnetmask> would be the information with out the < > Example: IP address 

device(config)# ip default-gateway <IP address>

<ip default gateway> would be the information with out the < > Example: ip default-gateway

device(config)# ip multicast active
device(config)# vlan 1
device(config-vlan-1)# multicast fast-leave-v2
device(config)# exit
device(config)# write memory 
device(config)# exit

That is it! You are finished!