Ruckus Unleashed Setup

This guide will walk you through step by step for setting up a Ruckus Unleashed wifi system. Unleashed is a software-based wireless controller that manages and optimizes your wireless network with out the need for an expensive controller or annual licensing. Unleashed supports up to 125 access points in a system. 

Getting started:

The first access point you hook up will be what we consider the master. This AP will run the Unleashed software and manage the rest of the devices. It is important to only have one single AP hooked up and powered on and the rest of the APs (if doing multiple) unplugged when setting up for the first time. 

Tip: When doing multiple access points write down the last 6 of the Mac addresses and what locations they are installed to easily name them in the Unleashed dashboard. 

Plug in the first access point and give it about 5 minutes to boot up. Do an IP scan with a program like Angry IP Scanner to find the APs IP address then log into it by typing https://ipaddress

Note: you must add an s to the end of http otherwise it will not load. 

IMPORTANT: Turn off the wifi on your computer and plug directly into the network switch or router. You will be doing multiple settings changes and trying to do this over wifi will be a frustrating experience and lead to issues. 

The un-configured access point will load the Unleashed Setup Wizard 

  1. Typical install will be selected by default and this is the selection to keep
  2. Select Next 

System Step 1:

  1.  This is the name of the project. In our example CoolSpeakEasy is the name of our imaginary bar that the Blackwire Team likes to spend its time at sipping tasty cocktails and bourbon. Name this something unique for your project. 
  2. Click next


IP Settings Step 2

  1. Select Manual 
  2. Fill out the IP address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS
  3. Click Next

We highly recommend assigning this and all of your APs outside of the DHCP range. In our example we are using and the router is



Wireless Lan Step 3

  1. Name your wifi network. In our example AmazingWifi is what everyone will see since it will be Wifi provided by Ruckus AKA Amazing Wifi! 
  2. Add a secure password for signing onto the wifi.
  3. Click Next

Note: Things like additional and guest wifi networks will be added later. 


Administrator Step 4

  1. Assign the login name and password (type it twice to confirm) 
  2. Click next

Note: Password recovery can be setup now which will an email address. This can also be setup later. 

Review Step 5

  1. Confirm all of the information is correct
  2. Click Finish 

Super easy right?? 


Time to reboot the system. Click Yes


Take a break and get a snack from your Blackwire shipment box. Hopefully the warehouse or front desk didn’t steal all of them. 

This will take a good 5-10 minutes. 


You did it! The basic setup is finished! 

The wifi will start to broadcast in a minute or two and you can move forward with logging into the AP. On some networks the will work. To keep things simple since you assigned a static IP log into the AP via the IP. Remember to add the s to the http and that the AP is now on the new IP address. 

Click Finish

Logging In

  1. Enter the username and password you setup above
  2. Click Unleash to log in

Landing Page

Now that you have setup your system you can plug in any remaining access points.  Reminder to write down the last 6 of the Mac addresses so you can rename them in the Unleashed Dashboard. 

This concludes the basic setup of an Unleashed Access Point. Click the button below to go to the Best Practices settings page. 

Best Practices