This step by step guide is designed to assist with enabling Wifi calling on a Ruckus Unleashed system. 

Ruckus W-Fi calling creates a voice ecosystem that is not only robust and best of class in reliability in service but also on the leading edge of the Voice over Wi-Fi standard.

In current Wi-Fi calling scenarios the client device connects to the local WLAN and a call is established usually with out any issues, however when that device roams over to a cellular signal the call is dropped. This is due to the lack of visibility of the carrier system to the client traffic prior to establishing an LTE link. Ruckus enables the ability to identify a Voice Wi-Fi call through Ruckus QOS and establish a tunneled connection to the local carrier Packet data Gateway. These settings allow the roaming from the Wi-Fi initiated call to an LTE connection without drops or interruptions. The Data flow can be seen in the two Network Diagrams below. The connectivity to the carrier is maintained just as it is in standard LTE networks by using the Ruckus Wi-Fi calling feature enabled on any WLAN deployed on a Ruckus Unleashed system.

Let’s get started by logging into the Ruckus AP running Unleashed Master software. 

Select the Admin & Services tab

1. Click on Services 

2. Click on Wifi Calling

3. Select the Profiles tab

4. Click Create

1. Add the name of the carrier

2. Click on Create New

1. Add the carrier Domain Name

2. Click on Save

NOTE: some carriers use multiple Domain Names. You must press save and then the create new button again to add multiple lines. 









When you are finished you will see a page like this listing all of the profiles you have added. 

Now exit out of the Admin & Services area and go to the Wifi Networks section and click on your Wifi network and then click Edit to edit the WLAN settings.  

  1. Click Show Advanced Options (Will change to Hide after you click it)
  2. Click the check box to Enable Wifi Calling
  3. Click Edit so you can enable the profiles on this SSID
  1. Using the shift key select all of the networks and then click the Right pointing arrow to move them to the Selected Profiles side.
  2. Click OK

You can now see the profiles on the right side

Click OK to close the window

You can now see the profiles on the page

Click OK

Congratulations you are done!! 

Head back over to Admin & Services – Services – Wi-fi Calling

You will now see a Summary page. When ever devices are using Wifi calling or have used it you will see information in here.

NOTE: You will not instantly see devices show up here. That does not mean Wi-Fi calling is not working.