BlackWire Driver Manager for Control4

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Click the My Systems button to view and manage your projects.

The Blackwire Driver Manager (BDM) is an easy to install Control4 driver that is used to manage installations using Blackwire or Blackwire Marketplace drivers. Moving forward any new or updated driver requires the use of BDM on your projects. Requires Composer OS 2.10+ and fully tested on OS3.

Features include:

  • License Management – Use the BDM to easily apply and release licenses to installs
  • Auto Trial: When installing drivers, BDM will automatically start a 72 hour trial. *Ring does not support auto trial
  • Offline Mode – No internet? No problem. The BDM can manage licenses locally with no cloud needed! One time check in is required to use this function.
  • Dealer Demo Management – Dealer Demo Licenses now require BDM and Auto Restart

Drivers Requiring BDM

Signing Into BDM

There are 2 ways to sign the Blackwire Driver Manager in

Option 1: (Recommended) You can use the Token key that is located on the My Systems page near the bottom. This is great to give out to installers so you do not have to give them the user name and password. 

Option 2: You can use your User Name and Password for this site


Once you are signed in the Registered Company information will update with your company name. 

If you wish to have the system auto update drivers you will enable Auto Restart. This will only restart director if there is a driver to be updated. 

Danger Zone

The Danger Zone is where you can force BDM to check for driver updates and manage other aspects of the projects. 

  • Check For Updates: This will check in with the server and see if any of the installer drivers have an update and then download them
  • Release A License: When you select this option new boxes will appear showing the drivers available to release. You would then select the license and click Set. 
  • Join a Beta: This function will be used to join public betas
  • Log Out: This will remove the system from the My System web page and sign you out. 

Offline Mode

Certain projects have no internet for many different reasons so we have included an offline mode. To use this, the project must have working internet for first time setup. Install BDM and all of your drivers as normal and get everything activated. Once activated select the drop down Manager Mode and change to Standby. This will lock the license keys to this project. 

Below is what you will see when the BDM system is set to Offline / Standby mode. You can now move the project to an area with no internet and or disconnect the temporary internet you provided to it. 

Showroom Demo Program

The Blackwire Designs drivers as many 3rd party marketplace drivers come with a showroom demo license. This allows you to test the drivers and market them to your customers. To use this program click Dealer Demo and then select Check-in system for Showroom Demo Licenses. It will now activate any installed driver into demo mode.  

NOTE: You must have active purchase history to use this function. If you have not bought anything this isn’t going to work. 

Download Link

Blackwire / Control4 / Ver 173 / October 27, 2021Download Now

This driver requires Composer OS 2.10+ and has been fully tested on OS3