Focal Speakers

Rock Your Clients’ Socks Off

When it comes to loudspeakers for your clients’ home theater, stereo, and distributed audio systems, one size doesn’t fit all. The perfect solution for any installation is determined by a number of factors, from room size to budget. One thing they all have in common, however, is the need for exceptional audio quality. That’s why Focal’s Custom Integration Collection is such an exciting addition to our speaker offering. It offers a range of solutions from entry level to reference level to meet the requirements of any project, while delivering the pristine sound your clients demand.

The Amazing

Ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms, Focal’s’ entry-level 100 Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature Polyglass cone drivers and compact aluminum inverted dome tweeters to improve sound dispersion for an extremely precise soundstage. The series’ in-ceiling products are further equipped with a crossover feature that improves off-axis listening and significantly reduces the “shower effect.” The 100 Series also includes IP66-certified outdoor speakers and an in-wall passive subwoofer with a matching amplifier and a depth of only 3.375 inches.

The Unbelievable

Focal’s mid-range 300 Series in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers are ideal for medium- to large-sized rooms. They offer exclusive technologies such as Flax cones to ensure excellent dynamics, bass control, and damping properties for a natural sound, while aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeters deliver remarkable linearity of the frequency response curve and perfect neutrality. The 300 Series also features an innovative toolless quick install system to save you time in the field.

The Absolutely Insane

At the high end of Focal’s offering is the Electra Series of reference-level in-wall 2-way and 3-way loudspeakers, which deliver the absolute finest sound quality for spaces of any size. The speakers boast “W” composite sandwich cones to ensure a perfect optimization of the frequency curve, resulting in totally transparent sound and very low distortion. In addition, their robust beryllium tweeters deliver an ultra-wide response for unrivalled acoustic quality.

And if you’re not sure which Focal loudspeaker series is right for your project, we’re there to assist you in finding the perfect solution to blow your client away. Hit us up anytime on our website’s built-in chat feature to get started.