Secure Your Home & Business with Firewalla

Unsure about the safety of your connected devices? Firewalla provides a wall of protection from cyber-criminals, ensuring you and your family remains secure in today’s digital world. Enjoy total peace of mind with this handy solution—protecting everything from baby cameras to smart speakers!

Firewalla Purple offers a high performance Gigabit internet connection, perfect for remote work and travel. With an inline firewall in router or bridge mode and advanced CPU resources you can customize scripts as well as run docker containers with ease. This unit also supports WireGuard VPN services to keep your data secure at all times! Best of all – its short distance wifi provides convenience no matter where you go.

Firewalla Gold is the highest performance router+firewall combo, with up to 1 Gigabit of internet speed and 2 Gigabit Link Aggregation. Perfectly inline as your main router, it allows you to customize scripts + docker containers while managing network bandwidth usage & traffic using Advanced Smart Queue technology. Plus Multi-WAN support for unparalleled networking availability! And if that wasn’t enough – Firewalla also offers WireGuard VPN support and a new variation Rev B in order to keep its features without compromising on price limits. Unleash ultimate home security today with Firewalla Gold!

The Firewalla Gold Plus offers next level internet speed and performance with its 4x 2.5Gbit Interfaces, delivering up to a blazing fast 5 Gigabit connection through Link Aggregation. In addition, all the features of the standard Gold version remain intact for complete peace-of-mind protection!