Blackwire Designs Announces Release of Network Design Assistance and Predictive WiFi Heatmap

We are excited to unveil our Network Design Assistance and Predictive WiFi Heatmap service. This innovative offering eliminates the guesswork involved in delivering exceptional network coverage for residential and commercial spaces, allowing dealers to achieve enterprise-grade installations without the time-consuming task of design.

The process begins with integrators submitting blueprints and specific project details. Our team then meticulously designs the network, focusing on optimizing network quality and coverage. We provide recommendations, such as Ruckus Networks, for the most suitable routers, switches, models, and the ideal number and placement of access points.

Thanks to this new service, dealers can now complete network installations more efficiently, saving both time and money.

This collaboration with integrators brings forth a game-changing solution for delivering reliable and high-quality network installations. By leveraging our expertise at resources, dealers can focus on their core competencies while ensuring that their clients receive top-notch network performance. The Network Design Assistance and Predictive WiFi Heatmap service sets a new standard for seamless and cost-effective network installations in the industry.