Product Demo Program


The ELAC OW-VJ63S is an on-wall, Ultra high-quality speaker at an affordable price. $1150 each MSRP. There is also an sound matched in-wall version available.

The Elac UB52-BK is an amazing pair of high quality book shelf speakers at $700 MSRP.

The ELAC VBS403-GB is a high-end set of bookshelf speakers that offer full range performance in a very small package. Msrp $2899 per pair

The Dynaudio Emit 20 offers full range performance at an affordable $1050 MSRP price per pair.

The Ambeo Plus and Subwoofer are high performance all in one Atmos system.

The Elac DS-A101-G is an all in one stereo integrated amplifier that offers great power in a compact package. MSRP $850

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