The BlackWire Designs Savant Profile Creator Tool is free of charge to everyone. You must have a BlackWire Account to get access to the upload box. Click here to log in and then head back to this page. If you do not have an account please register here. Support is only provided on this module if you purchased your Just Add Power products from BlackWire.

Click on the box below and upload your JAD config file. The JAD Config file can not be modified in any way except for the file name being changed. If you have edited any of the text inside of the JAD config file this will not create your Savant Profile properly.

For large stacked systems it may take up to 60 seconds to output your profile.

Once you upload the file you will know its ready when it displays the filename.xml in the box below. Click on the link and it will download your savant profile.

Currently Supports LUXUL Switches