Just Add Power Flux Capacitor for URC

Driver Information

The Just Add Power Flux Capacitor allows you to convert IR Signals to IP and emit them out of any JAP device that has a Flux module plugged into its serial port.


  • JAP Flux Capacitor VBS-HDMI-IRD
  • L3 Static Route enabled on the router
  • URC Controller
  • IR Hex codes for your device
  • Global Cache iConvert Hex Program  – Click HERE to Download

The Flux Capacitor URC IP to IR driver enables simple control of any IR device, such as a TV, via serial commands sent to a Flux Capacitor connected to a Just Add Power transmitter or receiver. By default, this module includes 3 generic HDMI inputs as highlighted in the screenshot.

Click ‘Edit’ to add/remove inputs to match the display. Then click ‘Save & Close’.

  • Have your IR Hex codes ready to go.
  • Open the iConvert.exe program
  • Go to the Conversion area and Select Convert From: Hex Code To : Global Cache
  • Paste the Hex code in the top box then click the Convert button. It will output code below starting with sendir
  • Copy the code from the Output box and head to the next tab in this document for the instructions.

Click on the line for the command you want to add the IR code for and then click Edit Function on the right

  • Make sure the Data is set to ASCII. Do not change this.
  • Paste in your converted code into the box under the ASCII section
  • Select OK to close the window

  • Make sure the Data is set to ASCII. Do not change this.
  • Paste in your converted code into the box under the ASCII section
  • Select OK to close the window

  • You can see the Volume + now has Function Data which is the code you just pasted from iCovert

Go through and convert all of the IR commands pasting them into the module.

When you are finished make sure to click Save on the top right!!! You may also Save As and rename it the TV model you are using if you would like.

You may now import that into your project. The target IP will be the JAP Transmitter or Receiver you have the IR Flux plugged into. If you run into issues step 1 is to make sure the static route is working. Type in the IP address of the JAP device you are working with and ensure the web page loads.

The JAP receivers only typically require 1 setting to be changed.

Log into the JAP device by going to its IP address with your browser then selct the Functions Tab and scroll down to Serial over IP

Select CLI Access and then Apply.

Then go to the System Tab at the top Then Utilities then click Reboot

IMPORTANT: Make sure to set the bottom of the JAP Serial pins to null modem. If you need help with this please contact us.


This is the default pin lay out on the bottom of the JAP receiver. You must move both pins down for the IR Flux too work.

This is how the pins should look after you move both of them down.

Hooking up the flux

Some Flux Kits come with a power converter cable which allows you to use the 5V DC plug on the JAP receiver (when powered via POE) to power the Flux. Others may require the 5V Power supply that is included.

Here are some example hook up pictures

This require the JAP Flux Hardware and a L3 Static Route setup on your router

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