Just Add Power Flux Capacitor for Control4

Driver Information

The Just Add Power Flux Capacitor allows you to convert IR Signals to IP and emit them out of any JAP device that has a Flux module plugged into its serial port.


IMPORTANT! If the static route does not work this will not work

The JAP receivers only typically require 1 setting to be changed.

Log into the JAP device by going to its IP address with your browser then selct the Functions Tab and scroll down to Serial over IP

Select CLI Access and then Apply.

Then go to the System Tab at the top Then Utilities then click Reboot

IMPORTANT: Make sure to set the bottom of the JAP Serial pins to null modem. If you need help with this please contact us.


This is the default pin lay out on the bottom of the JAP receiver. You must move both pins down for the IR Flux too work.

This is how the pins should look after you move both of them down.

Hooking up the flux

Some Flux Kits come with a power converter cable which allows you to use the 5V DC plug on the JAP receiver (when powered via POE) to power the Flux. Others may require the 5V Power supply that is included.

Here are some example hook up pictures

IMPORTANT! If the static route does not work this will not work

Search in Composers Online database for Global Cache. You will find the GC Universal Driver

When you install the driver you will see it says Driver Initialized. There are no bindings on the driver just yet. Next you need to enter an IP address for the driver. Go to Connections – Network 

Enter the Just Add Power transmitter or receiver IP address here. Example: If you type this into your web browser and a web  page does not load then this WILL NOT WORK. You need to check your static route settings. 

Now you can see the driver is working and talking to the Just Add Power device. 

Under Connections click on the GC Universal driver. Youll now have IR bindings. Connect this to the TV or IR device you are wanting to control.

And thats it! You are done! 

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