Program description

This is a quick walk through of how to use bonjour brow

Operating System

Requires windows operating systems

Bonjour Browser is used to find Just Add Power transmitter and receiver IP addresses

Things to keep in mind:

IMPORTANT: Turn off the WIFI on your laptop. Use only ethernet. Having multiple network connections may result in you not being able to log into any of the devices.

If the JAP device has not been assigned an IP Or you dont know what it is we HIGHLY recommend you plug the JAP device into the main network (If its a transmitter unplug the HDMI so it does not flood the network) Then simply plug your computer into the same network and youll find the JAP device.

If you are trying to find a JAP product on a full programmed managed switch your computer will need to be on the same VLAN as that port.

Receiver Example: with a JAP L3 system you need to be in a receiver port to find another receiver
Transmitter Example: with a JAP L3 system you need to be in a receiver port on the same VLAN as the transmitter port you are trying to find

Once you have figured out your method for plugging into the network open Bonjour Browser and click Web Server (HTTP) on the left.

JAP Transmitters will always be named ast3-gateway
JAP Receivers will always be named ast3-client

Remember that you can not simply log into them unless your network settings allow it.. IE if you try to log into a 169.IP your computer needs to have a static IP set of The same goes for any other IP scheme. If you have a JAP device on a 192.168.200.XXX IP your computer will need an IP address in that range to be able to load the JAP Web menu.

Requires windows