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As a world leading video surveillance manufacturer, Uniview has been developing new products to solve these industry challenges. The series of Tri-Guard integrates Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) , ColorHunter and Active Deterrence into one IP camera. It can not only alert when events happen, but also get color information in low-light environment.

Active Deterrence

The active deterrence function can achieve that once a stranger enters the view of the camera, the strobe light will be triggered and the built-in speaker make sounds that fit different scenes to interrupt suspicious activities. There are 3 different modes: IR mode displays the scene in black-and-white; warm light mode which can keep scene in color; and dual-light mode, if nothing happened, it keeps black and white image, and if there is a stranger entering the scene, the light will flash and change colored image from black and white.

Smart Intrusion Prevention

In security monitoring, most users only need to pay attention to real events: alarms triggered by people and vehicles. UNV Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) filters false alarm and allows people and vehicle classification to focus only on interested targets.


The ColorHunter Technology is an innovative technology that will turn on the warm LED Light and deliver vivid and colorful image in ultra-low light condition. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, ColorHunter cameras guarantee video with colorful details whenever you need them.

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