Rachio for URC TC 2.0

BlackWire Designs, a leading distributor in the custom installation market, today announced the availability of its new module for the integration of Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers into URC’s Total Control 2.0 whole-house automation system. With this latest module, BlackWire Designs becomes the only distributor to support the integration of Rachio controllers into both the Control4 and URC platforms.

Helping to nurture a beautiful yard, Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers make it easy to create custom schedules that automatically adjust for changing local weather. They work with current sprinkler systems, up to 16 zones, and provide users with complete control over their sprinklers via their smartphone or tablet using the Rachio Remote app.

“We’re proud to be the only distributor that offers the Rachio module for both of these automation platforms, and to provide the deepest level of integration available,” said Kevin Luther, owner of BlackWire Designs. “As the latest addition to our extensive driver marketplace, the Rachio integration not only provides a single-app control experience when utilizing mobile devices but extends sprinkler control to the other interfaces homeowners use to manage their environments, such as handheld remotes and in-wall touchscreens. Coupled with our superior dealer support and round-the-clock service, there is nothing comparable on the market.”

Featuring complete two-way integration, BlackWire Designs’ Rachio module allows integrators to provide customers with control over their sprinklers using the URC Total Control 2.0 interface of their choice — whether it’s handheld remotes, in-wall and tabletop touchscreens, the Total Control 2.0 mobile app, or via their voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled products.

Capabilities include start and stop watering; enable/disable standby mode; pause zones; zone quick run; rain delay; and more. Enhanced automation integration can be added with two-way module commands and device events that trigger on-state changes in real time.

BlackWire Designs’ Rachio TC2 Module for URC is compatible with any Rachio Sprinkler Controller. The software license is free with the purchase of a controller from BlackWire and can also be purchased separately for customers who already have Rachio controllers in place.