This information is provided as a courtesy. Do not contact us with questions if you are not a Blackwire customer. 

Without any notice, it has come to our attention that Leaksmart is no longer in business. The good news is we have found an alternative path for all of their zigbee products. This means all of the Leaksmart valves can still be controlled, the Zigbee based water sensors and Zigbee repeaters do not need to be replaced. 

The Aeotec Hub powered by Samsung SmartThings will adopt and control all of the zigbee Leaksmart products.

This is a view of the Samsung SmartThings App showing a Leaksmart Valve, Zigbee Sensors and a Zigbee Repeater. The system is a complete package and will ensure you can continue to use your Leaksmart Zigbee products with out any interruption. 

Samsung SmartThings app showing the built in Leak detection monitoring platform. With this platform you can have the valve auto close, send push notices, other actions, text messages etc. 

Samsung SmartThings App showing a Leaksmart Valve with control of the valve, feedback of its power source and built in battery status. 

Samsung SmartThings app showing the Zigbee sensor with status of the sensor, temperature and battery level. 

Items that wont work anymore

The Leaksmart Wifi devices will no longer function. If you have the Water sensors that have the wifi logo on the top these will cease to function. If you have these sensors you will need to replace them with something like the Shelly Wifi leak sensors or another sensor compatible with the SmartThings platform. 

The hub is also no longer usable nor is it needed with the Aeotec hub.