BlackWire is owned and operated by installers and techs, not sales  staff. Stop wasting time with a distributor who only sell you boxes and leave you stuck at a jobsite when you run into issues because they have zero technical background. All Just Add Power systems from BlackWire come with FREE setup and support. We provide detailed support on Control4, RTI and URC. Our techs are available every day, late at night and even on weekends!
Need help programming your Control4, RTI or URC system? We are here for you!
Cut down on time in the field by having us setup everything here first. Instead of waiting for the switch, transmitters and receivers to program, updating all of your devices firmware you could be hanging a tv or installing other gear. Using our FREE service guarantees you are always on the latest firmware and ready to go when you arrive onsite. We will update everything so you simply plug it in and add the drivers to your automation system. If you know your controllers Serial/Mac and provide that now we will also get you the license key ahead of time. If you are not maxing out the inputs and outputs in the switch well set it up so you have room to grow. When the project needs another input/output you simply plug it in! We will keep track of the settings sent out so when you place an order for the extra parts you can reference its for an existing system and well even assign the proper IP info to them so you plug them in and move on to the next project!
What to expect in your shipment:
  • Luxul switch fully programmed with an IP assigned and on the latest firwmare
  • JAP Transmitters and receivers with an IP assigned on each, the latest firmware, as well as a sticker on the bottom of each letting you know its IP and what Port # to plug into on the switch
  • JAP Driver License key via email (if you provide the controller info ahead of time)
  • Network Switch Port Connection Document
  • IP Address list for transmitters and receivers for L3 functions such as RS232, CEC, Video Wall and more!