Driver Description

The Ring Events driver allows you to execute programming based on Motion and Button press events. This is a great tool for turning on lights and playing announcements in a URC Total Control project.

Support Devices

  • Ring Pro
  • Ring Classic
  • Ring 2
  • Ring Elite
  • Stickup Cams
  • Flood Cams

Available Device Events

  • Button Press – Event executes when ever a Ring Doorbell’s button has been pressed
  • Motion – Events that execute when any Ring device detects motion

Pin Code Retrieval

Ring Pin Code:

Now its time to obtain the pin code from Ring.

Open a private browsing session on your computer. This is very important as we have seen pin codes created for previously created accounts.

Go to

Then click the black button that says Click here to Authorize with

Ring Customer Log In:

You will now be on’s page

You will  need your CUSTOMERS user name and password for their Account. Make sure you are using the primary account and not a user account. Then Sign In

BlackWire Pin Code:

You will be prompted to give BlackWire access to monitor the events of the project. Once you click agree you will be forwarded back to a page with a pin code. This pin code is case sensitive and should be copied and pasted into Accelerator Step 11. 3rd Party 2-Way Settings under the Ring System Parameter Information along with your license.

File > Import & Restart

This is a two way module that is packaged as a TCM 2 file that needs to be imported in to the Accelerator software. Then navigate to where you downloaded the Ring – Events.tcm2 file and choose it. After you have imported make sure you restart Accelerator in order to complete the installation.

Step 4. Add Other Devices > Confirm & Add

After you have restarted Accelerator go to step 4. and navigate to the module.

My > IP Database > AUX > RING > RING

When the module is selected make sure that the checkbox is checked in section 8 that says Ring-Events Main Functions. If not try reimporting and restart Accelerator. Once you are sure you have the checkbox checked. Click Add Selected Module to add the module to your tree.

Step 6. Network Setup

At Step 6. click on Non URC Device and fill in the IP address with a unique address that no other modules are using. Something like Port is not necessary for this module.

Step 11. System Parameters

At Step 11. under Two Way Module Settings from the first drop downs choose the room that the module is located at in the tree and in the second drop down choose the Events module.

Next in the bottom right under System Parameter Information you will insert your BlackWire module license key where it say license=. Under this is where you will paster your newly acquired pin code.


Programming Events

Under Step 12. Macro Editing, choose Edit Automation Macros. Click Add Macro and choose your Ring under Available Devices. Choose what event you would like to program, motion or button press. Then enter the Device Name exactly as it appears in the Ring app. The name is case sensitive and needs to match perfect in order for the event to be triggered.

This driver supports Doorbells and cameras

Ring Sound Effects

Here is a zip with Westminster Chimes .mp3 files that you can use with Sonos.

You will need to purchase a license from our website. If you purchased Ring hardware from us then the license is free. Contact us if you did not find your key.

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