Driver Description

The Ring Events driver allows you to execute programming based on Motion and Button press events. This is a great tool for turning on lights and playing announcements in a Control4 project.

Support Devices

  • Ring Pro
  • Ring Classic
  • Ring 2
  • Ring Elite
  • Stickup Cams
  • Flood Cams
  • Spot Cams

Network Driver Setup

Activate The Driver:

Download the driver ZIP file then unzip both drivers into your Control4 drivers folder and then open Composer.

You will need one copy of the Network driver installed. It is what connects you to the Ring Events server. 

You will need to have a BlackWire license key to activate and use this driver. The key is free with purchase of Ring Hardware or you can purchase a license key on our store here

Enter the license Key

Driver Activated:

Once the license key has been entered and properly activated you will now see a Pin code box appear.

If the driver does not activate make sure you are on the latest version and are properly copying and pasting the key. The key is case sensitive.

Ring Pin Code:

Now its time to obtain the pin code from Ring. 

Open a private browsing session on your computer. This is very important as we have seen pin codes created for previously created accounts. 

Go to

Then click the black button that says Click here to Authorize with 

Ring Customer Log In:

You will now be on’s page

You will  need your CUSTOMERS user name and password for their Account. Make sure you are using the primary account and not a user account. Then Sign In

BlackWire Pin Code:

You will be prompted to give BlackWire access to monitor the events of the project. Once you click agree you will be forwarded back to a page with a pin code. This pin code is case sensitive and should be copied and pasted into the driver. 

Network Setup Completed:

You should see a super fast message under Driver Information that says devices found 🙂 then it with in a few seconds it will say Monitoring for events. This means it is now up and running waiting for event notifications from Ring. 

Monitoring for events is the normal operational mode message.

Now its time to setup the Events Driver

Events driver

The Events driver links to the Network Driver to pull in the Ring Devices. You need 1 copy of this driver per Doorbell or Stickup Camera for each project. If the account has multiple devices, this is where you will select which device is assigned to the driver.

You must select the location under the Doorbell property.

The area in red is a drop down. If your driver only has None as the option then you need to check that the 2 drivers are bound together

Click on Connections and then go to either Ring driver and verify that you see them bound together. if the area in red is blank then bind the drivers together.

Now go back to System Design in Composer and click on the Event driver. You will see a drop down of any devices on the Ring account. Select the one you want and then click Set. 

If for some reason nothing is still showing up go to the Network driver and click Actions – Check Authorization. This will force the driver to re-check in  and register all of the devices on the account. This is done automatically when you setup the driver but sometimes can take a minute or two. Clicking Check Authorization bypasses the wait. 

Once you click Check Authorization go back to the Events driver and see if your doorbell is now in the drop down. If it is not please start a chat or call us.

Next steps are setting up your programming event. Click on the Driver Programming tab on this page.

Events driver

Programming events is very easy. There are only two events at this time, Pressed or Motion. Select the event you want base programming on then add your programming.


  • turn on lights or brighten lights based on the time
  • play announcements on distributed audio

When you add a new devices to an existing system go to the network driver and click the actions tab then click on Check Authorization. Wait about 10 seconds and then click it once more. The new devices should now be available in the drop down of the doorbell driver. 

Here are simple troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve basic issues with the Ring Events driver.

  • Check to see that the Event Server is connected in Properties tab of the Network Driver.
  • Check the Connections tab and make sure the Events Driver is bound to the Network Driver.
  • Check the Events Driver and confirm that you have selected the correct Ring device in the drop down
  • Click the “Check Authorization” to check the driver’s credentials with the Event Server.

If it is still not working please contact us.

Control4 Driver Download

This driver supports Doorbells and cameras

Ring Sound Effects

Here is a zip with the Ring Doorbell and Chime sound .ogg files. You can upload these into the Control4 announcement agent. If they have T3s its a great feature to make them ring for both events.

You will need to purchase a license from our website. If you purchased Ring hardware from us then the license is free. Contact us if you did not find your key.

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