Luxul Firmware Update

t is highly recommended to keep your products on the latest version of firmware.

The latest firmware for Luxul products can be found here

This step by step guide is designed for Luxul Switches and routers. They will vary slightly in graphics. This guide uses the switch graphics.

Router Default IP

Switch Default IP

  • AMS-1208P:
  • AMS-2600:

Switch Default IP

  • AMS-2624P:
  • AMS-4424P:
  • XMS-2624P:
  • XMS-5248P:
  • XMS-7048P:

Let’s get started by logging into your switch / router. Below are the default IPs. If you have changed the IP already use that.

Our example is using

Enter the IP into your web browser. The default user name and password is admin / admin

1. The firmware version is displayed on the top right of the web menu

2. Select Administration

3. Select Firmware Update

4. Select Choose File

Download the .dat firmware file from Luxuls website for your product

1. Select the dat file for your product

2. Select open

On the left you can see the file has been loaded.

Select Update and the device will download the firmware file and install it.

The area in the red box will give you a status update as the device goes through its update process.

The firmware update process can take up to 5 minutes. Do NOT refresh the page. Let it sit and do its thing.

Once the firmware update process is done the page will refresh on its own.

Double check the top right to see if it shows the new version.

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