This is a brief overview of what the VLANs mean in relation to Just Add Power and Luxul switches.

Once you learn how the VLANs are assigned below you can use this information to see what source each display is on.

Lets get started by logging into your switch.

1. Select Monitor

2. Select Quick Setup

3. Select VLANs

4. Select Membership

5. This row shows the VLAN ID Numbers

6. This row shows the PORT Numbers

VLAN ID 1: your main network. IE any normal devices not part of the Just Add Power system.

VLAN ID 10: This is the L3 communication VLAN Just Add Power uses to allow your automation controller to communicate with any of the transmitters and receivers. All inputs and outputs will be on this VLAN at all times.

VLAN 11: This is where your inputs start. This is Input 1. Only 1 transmitter will belong to this port. In the example above you can see Port 2 is Input 1. You can also see all of the

VLAN 12-17: These are the rest of the inputs that the video system uses

In the example above there are 7 inputs using ports 2-8 for the inputs and 8 outputs using ports 9-16 all on input 1 (VLAN 11). The rest of the ports  17-26 are on VLAN 1 which is for networking use. You could plug your control system or any non Just Add Power device into these ports.

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