Just Add Power Firmware Update Instructions

Make sure you have the latest JAD Config as it will always contain the newest firmware.


Please make sure the firmware on your switch is up to date. The latest firmware for Luxul products can be found here


This step by step guide is designed for doing a Just Add Power firmware update on Luxul Switches using JAD Config.

IMPORTANT: Unplug the HDMIs on all of your transmitters!! You WILL BRICK YOUR Just Add Power system if you do not.

Let’s get started by logging into your switch. Enter the switches IP in your browser window.

The default user name and password is admin / admin

1. Click Configuration

2. Click Quick Setup

3. Click VLANs

4. Click on the <> Box and then select Access and click anywhere on the page. The entire Mode should now say Access

5. Type a 2 in the Port VLAN box and click anywhere on the page then go back and change it to a 1 and click anywhere on the page. Now the entire row should show 1.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Now that you have saved the page should look like this

You are now ready for JAD Config

Run JAD Config and select Firmware Update Only.

Follow the instructions on each page in JAD Config. We highly recommend disabling the wifi radio in your computer and plugging directly into the network. Once you are finished with the update and everything is completed close JAD Config.

Now its time to reboot the switch

1. Click Administration

2. Click Reboot

3. Click Yes.

This will reboot the switch and restore all of the VLAN settings back to the Just Add Power mode. You can also power cycle the switch instead of doing this.

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