Driver Description

The BlackWire DBX driver is a 1 way driver to control any of the IP based DBX ZonePros. 

We have built in Volume tracking. When you connect the driver we set the volume on the DBX and then track it internally. You will get the volume percentage on the Control4 interfaces. We highly recommend you do not have any external volume control devices to ensure the tracking is accurate. 

Support Devices

DBX Models:

  • 640M & 641M
  • 1260 & 1261
  • 1260M & 1261M

Does NOT work on the 640 or 641 models!

Device must be in ROUTER mode. This driver does not support mixer mode.

Zone Names

Using the DBX ZonePro Program please name all inputs / outputs EXACTLY as follows:

Mics: ML?   the ? = the input number. Example ML1 ML2 etc
Analog Inputs: S? the ? = the input number. Example S1 S2 etc
S/PDIF Inputs: SPDIF? the ? = the input number. Example SPDIF1 SPDIF2
Channel Outputs: Ch? the ? = the output number. Example Ch1 Ch2 etc etc


This driver ONLY works if ALL channels are in router mode. It will NOT work in mixer mode. 

RTE Index

You must set up the entire ZonePro System with the Design Software. This means Mix and inputs, set any gains, set any outputs etc etc.

Once finished click once on the RTE for output 1 in the Zone Pro software. Then press shift cntrl O all at once and a box should pop up with a bunch of info in it

In the image below you can see a red high lighted area with the Address:b0, you will need to put the number in the Index property box in the driver. In this example the number is 24

Node Address

Using the DBX ZonePro Designer program you will need to get the DBX Units Node Address. Since this is an IP driver it may be best to also assign a static IP address

1. Select Network

2. Select Properties

1. Make sure Use Ethernet is checked

2. Click Next

1. Select Next

1. This is where the NODE ID and also the IP address is displayed.

2. Click Finish ( ONLY CLICK Finish if you are happy with the IP address it is on. I highly recommend setting a static IP address which you can do from this page. )

To set a static IP address click on the DBX Unit and then select Change Address then scroll down for additional instructions. 


Static IP

1. The NODE ID can be set at the top. 32 is Default.

2. Make sure the SET IP Box is checked and then assign an IP, Subnet and Gateway. The IP should be outside of your routers DHCP Range. The Subnet is typically and then the gateway will typically be your routers IP address.

Once finished click Ok and then click Finish

You will need a license key from the BlackWire Site. If you do not have one you can purchase a license from here:

DBX Driver

Add the DBX Node Address here

Add the DBX RTE Index


Do NOT add the IP address to the driver until all of the other settings are done!!!

You will need to make your audio input and output bindings.  Make sure you assign the DBX unit as the audio end point and audio volume end point for the zones hooked up to a non controlled amplifier

Scene Selection

To recall a scene go to the programming tab and select the event you want to use to activate the scene. Then select the DBX Driver and scroll down to the Device Specific Commands section and select the scene you want to recall.

FYI: A scene takes 2-5 seconds to execute

Set Volume Via Programming

The driver supports setting volume levels how ever it needs to be done on a room level. Select the event you wish to use for setting the volume level then go to the Actions tab on the right. Select the room – room variables – CURRENT_VOLUME and use the Set to Value command

Things to check before contacting support:

  • Check that the DBX unit is online via the DBX software
  • Check the Node Address is correct.
  • Check the RTE Index is correct.
  • Reboot the DBX unit & Control4 director box
  • Make sure you renamed all of the inputs and outputs and it matches the instructions


DBX Driver

This zip file contains 3 drivers. Make sure you install the correct driver or your bindings will not match.

You need to purchase a DBX license Key to use this driver

Sold By:BlackWire

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