BlackWire On Screen Display Driver for Just Add Power Systems

Driver Information

The BlackWire Designs Just Add Power OSD driver enables volume level, mute status, and the source selected to be displayed on any Just Add Power 2G, 2G+, 2G-Omega/3G, 2G-Omega/3G+, or 3G system.

Devices Supported

(Firmware A6.4.12 and newer required)

To install:

Add the driver to the system
Enter the license key provided by BlackWire Designs
Select the room you wish to montior volume and source changes
Enter the IP address of the Just Add Power receiver assinged to that room in Connections -> Network (this IP address can be found in your JAD Config setup summary file)

Verify that you are running a Layer 3 setup (JAD Config was run)
Verify that you have a static route setup correctly in the router. You should be able to access the receiver’s IP address directly from the same network Director is running on.
Verify you have entered the correct IP address for the Just Add Power receiver in Composer’s Connections tab
Verify the Just Add Power receiver’s firmware is version A6.4.12 or higher
Press the OSD Test button in actions for a 60 second test screen

You will need to purchase a license from our website.

If you purchased Just Add Power hardware from us then the license is free.

Contact us if you did not find your key.


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