Product Description

The Axxess Wireless Motion Sensor can be fully incorporated into Control4 automation and control projects. It has the viewing angle and range to cover all typical applications, and the additional capability to detect light levels and temperature

What is Included

  • Motion Sensor
  • 2 Lithium Batteries
  • 1 – 1″ ball mount
  • 1 – 1.5″ ball mount
  • 2 mounting screws

Before mounting, make sure the device is in a location where you can still push the button to join it to the ZigBee network. If it’s in a difficult to reach place, view the instructions for ZigBee networking and join the device to the network before mounting.

Keyhole Mount

Screw one of the provided screws into the wall until the head protrudes just enough for the keyhole shape on the back of the motion sensor to fit snugly. Depending on wall material and location, consider using a wall anchor.

Fit the motion sensor on the screw and slide down until snug. If the motion sensor is loose remove it and turn the screw in further and try again.

Ball Mount

For installation in corners, or where device needs to be tilted use the ball mount of suitable length.

Screw ball mount to the wall with the screws provided.

Attach motion sensor to the ball mount by attaching the clasp on the back of the motion sensor to the ball mount.

The Axxess Wireless Motion Sensor ships with 2 high density 3.6V Lithium Batteries inserted into the case. The batteries are accessible via 2 doors, by pushing the release clasp lightly toward the outside.

Make sure to only use the proper batteries or the device will not work.

Horizontal Viewing Angle

The Motion Sensor has a horizontal viewing angle of 90°+ and should be mounted accordingly. Mounting in a corner as shown below offers best coverage.

Vertical Viewing Angle

The Motion Sensor has a vertical viewing angle of 30°+ and must be mounted accordingly. When mounting in higher locations, tilting the device down should offer the best coverage.

If you see LED flashes on the front of the device in response to network taps (join/leave) then you have battery power.

If not, reseat battery. After reseating battery the device will boot up (1min).

Following boot up network taps should result in beeps. If not, try a new Axxess approved battery.

If you have attached external magnetic contacts and you hear beeps upon taps but you don’t receive ZigBee messages for open or close put the device into test mode (8 taps) and close the external contacts.

If the device responds with beeps when the contact is closed then the message  problem is in the network setup (device is not joined).

If you don’t hear beeps when in setup mode and when contacts are closed, then there may be a problem with the device.

Make sure the device is in setup mode by 8 tapping the push button and hearing the 2 confirming beeps.

It is important to make sure that the device is oriented properly to detect movement where required.

In order to test, tap the network button 8 times to enter setup mode or enter setup mode with composer. The motion sensor light will now turn on, whenever motion is detected. Point the motion detector in the direction required and walk in the areas you would like it to detect.

Adjust the direction of the motion sensor as required based on whether or not it is detecting in the range required.

The device will automatically leave setup mode after 8 minutes.

This driver supports the MS-C4ZB-11 and MS-C4ZB-11 (Humidity)

This driver adds the temperature to navigator Download

This driver adds the humidity to navigator. Your motion model needs to end with an H for this to work. Download

The device has to be mounted within the range of the ZigBee network in which it is to operate.

When joining, the device will beep up to two times while searching for a network.Once it has joined it will give 6 ascending beeps. When powering up the device it will give 6 ascending beeps to indicate it is joined, or 6 descending beeps to indicate it is not joined.

The range of the device can vary depending on the strength of the router it is connected to, as well as the physical elements surrounding then installation. Typically the device can communicate up to 400 feet in the open, however, this can be reduced to 40 feet when indoors depending on the routing device. Make sure the network is designed properly and that the strength of the router and physical barriers
are taken into consideration.

Button Presses:

Join Zigbee: 4 taps – 6 Ascending Beeps
Leave Zigbee: 13 taps – Decsending Beeps
Setup Mode: 8 taps – 2 Ascending Beeps
Reset: 15 taps – 6 Ascending Beeps if Joined – 6 Descending Beeps if Not Joined

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