Product Description

The Axxess Doorbell Button can be installed and configured for operation in a Control4 environment to trigger a chime unit controlled by a Control4 interfaced device. Typically, the chime will be controlled by the Axxess Chime Relay. The Doorbell Button can also be used as a multi purpose button anywhere to trigger a desired event.

What Is Included

  • Doorbell Button Device
  • AA Battery
  • 2 pcs ½ wide double sided foam tape (base mounting)
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 1 Wire Harness (external magnetic contact)
  • 1 Wire Harness (external contact wire leads)

Before mounting, make sure the device is in a location where you can still push the button to join it to the ZigBee network. If it’s in a difficult to reach place, view the instructions for ZigBee networking and join the device to the network before mounting.

The Doorbell Button should be mounted within range of the ZigBee network.
The Axxess Doorbell Button will be mounted near the entrance door either with screws or double-sided tape. The housing of the Axxess Doorbell Button consists of 2 parts, the back plate, which will be mounted to the doorframe or wall, and the face enclosure.

Adhesive Mounting

Adhesive Mount: Peel and stick doorbell to desired location. We highly recommend using an alcohol wipe on the area to ensure its a clean oil free mounting surface.

Screw Mounting

Adhesive Mount: Peel and stick doorbell to desired location. We highly recommend using an alcohol wipe on the area to ensure its a clean oil free mounting surface.

Attach back plate to the wall with the 2 provided screws.

Attach the face by hooking the top and tightening the retaining screw at the bottom.

The Axxess Doorbell uses a regular AA battery. 

The older models required a special lithium version. Please check with us if you need help on figuring out which battery your unit uses. 

Optional Features: The Doorbell Button can be fitted with 2 external dry contact leads. The contacts could be mechanical switches or magnetic reed switches.

The external contacts can be plugged into receptacles accessible upon removal of the battery. The receptacle closest to the negative battery terminal is Contact 1, the other is Contact 2.

External Contact Setup:

To set up the external contacts, put the device into setup mode with 8 taps on the network push button. Once in setup mode, the device will respond with audible beeps when Contact 1 or Contact 2 is closed.

Setup will automatically exit after 8 minutes, and can also be turned off in composer.

External Contact Breakout

Break out the center area with a screw driver to run external contacts out of the device.

If you hear the beeps in response to network taps, then you have battery power.

If not, reseat battery. After reseating battery the device will boot up (1min).

Following boot up network taps should result in beeps. If not, try a new Axxess approved battery.

If you have attached external magnetic contacts and you hear beeps upon taps but you don’t receive ZigBee messages for open or close put the device into test mode (8 taps) and close the external contacts.

If the device responds with beeps when the contact is closed then the message  problem is in the network setup (device is not joined).

If you don’t hear beeps when in setup mode and when contacts are closed, then there may be a problem with the device.

Make sure the device is in setup mode by 8 tapping the push button and hearing the 2 confirming beeps.

This driver supports the DB-C4ZB-L3-21 (Current model) and DB-C4ZB-11 (Older)

The device has to be mounted within the range of the ZigBee network in which it is to operate.

When joining, the device will beep up to two times while searching for a network.Once it has joined it will give 6 ascending beeps. When powering up the device it will give 6 ascending beeps to indicate it is joined, or 6 descending beeps to indicate it is not joined.

The range of the device can vary depending on the strength of the router it is connected to, as well as the physical elements surrounding then installation. Typically the device can communicate up to 400 feet in the open, however, this can be reduced to 40 feet when indoors depending on the routing device. Make sure the network is designed properly and that the strength of the router and physical barriers
are taken into consideration.

Button Presses:

Join Zigbee: 4 taps – 6 Ascending Beeps
Leave Zigbee: 13 taps – Decsending Beeps
Setup Mode: 8 taps – 2 Ascending Beeps
Reset: 15 taps – 6 Ascending Beeps if Joined – 6 Descending Beeps if Not Joined

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