Revolutionizing Linear Lighting with Blacklight Design Tool

Designing linear lighting systems has always been a puzzle of sorts. But our Blacklight Design Tool is rewriting the rules. This tool empowers even the newest of dealers to visualize and craft an entire linear lighting system with just a few clicks.

This tool streamlines the entire design process from start to finish. Simply import the floor plan of your installation site and the tool takes care of layout, configuration, pricing, and even generates a purchase order for your custom lighting system. No more juggling calculations. The tool handles everything from tape LED strips, extrusions, and lens covers to wiring, controls, mounting hardware, and accessories. It even tackles complex electrical calculations with ease, ensuring your design is error-free.

Hands-Free Project Planning with Enterprise Networking Design Heatmapping

No more trial-and-error in achieving impeccable network coverage. It’s simple. After purchasing the service, submit your blueprints and our team designs your project for optimal network quality and coverage. We handpick the right products based on signal strength predictions and access point suggestions. It’s like having a personalized network expert at your fingertips.

Create Custom, Intuitive End User Interfaces With Yamaha MTX Universal Driver

Our Yamaha MTX Universal Driver is designed to empower installers to leverage Yamaha MTX3 and MTX5-D audio processors with Control4 systems.

This driver takes the complexity out of large installations. It’s all about delivering a seamless experience for end-users. With a customizable mixer interface, users can effortlessly control input levels and mixes across multiple zone outputs. It’s like having a studio mixer at your fingertips, all within the native Control4 interface.

Seamless Control with Multiviewer Pro and Videowall Pro Drivers

Easy-to-use interface for systems using video walls or tilers from Just Add Power, AVPro Edge, and Snap AV MOIP. They seamlessly integrate with the Control4 UI, turning complexity into simplicity.

Before these drivers, controlling AV-over-IP video systems involved custom programming and complicated commands. But the Multiviewer and Videowall Pro drivers simplify programming for dealers and make controlling complex systems a breeze for end-users. It’s like having the power to control your entire AV setup at your fingertips.

From innovative lighting solutions to hands-free networking and seamless control, we are raising the bar at CEDIA 2023, setting a new standard in the AV industry. Make sure to visit booth #4304 to witness these game-changing solutions in action. The future of AV is here!