ACH Payment Form

ACH is an electronic funds transfer system that allows BlackWire to debit funds from your bank account with zero banking fees. It will show up on your account like paying a credit card or utility bill. We keep this information securely stored in our Chase Bank ACH System.

Once you are setup in our ACH system we can enable your account to use the ACH payment method at check out which also comes with a 1.5% discount on all orders. You can also submit us POs via email or fill up your shopping cart and we can manually create the order for you. 

It will take up to 1 business day for us to get you setup into the ACH system after you fill this out. 

  • What is the email address you use to log into your BlackWire Account?
  • This is not required, but recommended to ensure bank information accuracy. Errors could result in banking error fees and order delays.
  • I authorize Blackwire Designs to ACH Debit / Credit my bank account when submitting a PO or placing orders online and selecting the ACH Option. I agree to reimburse BlackWire for any Banking Fees if the ACH is rejected.

  • The terms and conditions can be viewed HERE any time.

    These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between Blackwire Designs & Technology LLC(seller) and you the purchaser(you). By purchasing products from Blackwire Designs you are agreeing to the following terms:

    There is a 30-day return policy for all hardware products. If you purchased software from us but have not activated the codes, those also fall under the return policy. The 30-day return policy begins on the date of receipt as tracked via Fedex. We will refund the product price minus shipping charges and programming services applied to those products. Drivers are not refundable if you have received an activation code for them. BlackWire Designs tracks serial numbers for all products sold. We will only credit back items that have matching serial numbers to their original invoices.

    Any item valued over $500.00 will be shipped signature-required unless requested manually on each order. Same day shipping is not guaranteed. Contact us directly with an order time to verify if we can ship the same day.

    Software items are anything related to automation drivers, modules, profiles, html apps etc. These items are NON-RETURNABLE and NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND. Each license you buy is assigned to one project which is based on the device running director. Our license system allows you to move driver licenses in the event you change controllers but even if you are not using the license there is no guaranteed refund. Any refund issued is at the discretion of BlackWire and done on a case-by-case basis.

    We offer many discounts when purchasing large quantities of an item. If you return an item for credit from which you were given a discount due to quantity purchased and the amount of returned product results in a quantity below what was required to receive the additional discount you will need need to pay what the original price would be with out receiving quantity discounts on the purchase.

    After the 30-day return period the product manufacture is solely responsible for honoring the warranty on all products. In many cases BlackWire can assist with the RMA process; however, in some instances the purchaser will be required to contact and work with the manufacturer directly.

    Before submitting for an RMA your return must follow the guide lines below. If they do not fit the guidelines then you need to contact the manufacturer.

    You have all of the original parts and items that came in the box including the box
    There is ZERO installation marks, wear and tear or any signs of installation.
    There are no scratches, dings or dents on the item.

    You will be is responsible for the return shipping charges. BlackWire will provide a return label at its discretion. Use Fedex or UPS as shipping method with proper insurance and retain your tracking number in case item is lost in transit. You must pack the item in a safe manner. Any damage due to improper packing will result in the item being returned to you.

    If you were sent an advanced replacement and the item you returned to us is heavily damaged, scratched, etc we will send your item in for repair to the factory. The advanced replacement will be consider on loan and will need to be returned back to us in new condition when we send you back your repaired item.

    We will contact you to review the damage and withhold a minimum of a 20% restocking fee against the return price of your item. If the damage is severe the items will be not be taken back, a credit will be not applied and you will be contacted to arrange shipment back to you.

    We will contact you via email to explain what is missing and depending on whats missing ( ie cables, rack ears etc ) we will charge you accordingly for those specific replacement parts as well as a 10% fee against the over all price of the item.

    In the event that we advanced replace an item, you are required to fill out an RMA Credit Card Form and are required to return the item back to BlackWire with in 15 business days or your card will be charged for the item sent to you. We supply a return label in some cases so there is no excuse for a delay in returning the item to us. If the item you return is deemed damaged we will call you to discuss options. Please use common sense when asking for an RMA. Things like a device full of dirt, fans ruined by dirt which caused PoE power supplies to overheat, lighting strikes, surges, water damage, improper installation are NOT covered under warranty. If we find that you have returned items that clearly show electrical damage, water damage etc we will call you to discuss paying for the advance replacement we sent to you.

    If an item is sent back for warranty and we find nothing wrong with the item it will be sent back to you. You will either need to pay for the advanced replacement item or send it back. You will be responsible for the shipping fees.

    By procuring goods and/or services from BlackWire Designs, Purchaser agrees that in no event shall BlackWire Designs’ total liability to Purchaser exceed the amount paid by Purchaser to BlackWire Designs for such goods and/or services.Purchaser agrees that this limitation of liability shall apply cumulatively to all direct, indirect, punitive special, incidental, consequential and any other damages arising from the use of or inability to use BlackWire Designs’ goods and/or services.

  • If you are using a mobile phone rotate your phone to fit the signature pad