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From initial concept to final installation, we’re here to provide the software, products, and support you need for a smooth experience. Think of us as your trusted source for industry and product knowledge, always ready to help you optimize your projects, saving you time and money on every job.

We take pride in reducing the barriers for design, purchasing, and support, making your life easier as a dealer. Rest easy knowing that every piece of equipment you receive comes with the latest firmware updates, preprogrammed and labeled specifically for your job. And don’t forget to ask about our custom drivers and complimentary snacks—we’re all about making your experience as pleasant as possible!


Founded in 2009, Blackwire began with a primary focus on programming support and network configuration services. Recognizing the need for better support for integrators managing complex networking systems, we developed software and streamlined processes to simplify installations.

Since then, Blackwire has expanded beyond networking to offer a comprehensive range of products, including speakers, IoT devices, access points, and top-notch video distribution systems like AVPro Edge.

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