Our Mission

Providing exceptional sales and support to dealers across the world is the driving force of BlackWire Designs.

The CI industry is amazing. Automation is the future and we want to ensure you have someone by your side as products and systems evolve over the years. We appreciate you and want to help you grow your business as you help us grow ours.

Our Story

The owner Kevin Luther started out in the automation industry back when companies like Control4 were just starting up. Seeing a serious gap between product sales and support he created BlackWire. The original goal was to create a one stop shop for networking products, receiving them pre-configured ready to be plugged in.

BlackWire has evolved to not only continue to offer networking products but to offer 100’s of other items all with our amazing support and expertise.

Our Approach

Employing CI Installers as our sales and tech was the first goal. Richard Williams worked along side with Kevin at the previous CI company. All employees continuously learn what changes are coming to the industry as well as work closely with many product manufactures ensuring we know whats next and can assist our dealers with adapting.

BlackWire uses integrated software to ensure dealers can get all of the proper support they need when they need it. This website is the next step as it integrates everything you need into one place. We offer after hours support on Just Add Power which includes night time and the weekends.