Please follow the steps below to create a new product:

1. Click BlackWire Designs on the WordPress Menu Bar and access the Products Tab (or Click Here)

2. Click on the Add New Product button (or Click Here to create a new product)

3. Copy the template from below and paste it into your new product. Assign a title, price, SKUs etc and then save. Then use UX Builder to edit your content. 

4. Add

Blackwire / Other Ver Error / Jan 1, 2000Download Now

to the products short description. Do not add anything else to that box.

5. Submit your new product for review.

6. Upload your driver using the Driver Update Form.

7. At this point in time your page may be published. Review all information and links on the page then let us know in Slack that it is ready.

To get started here is our template for all driver products:


Include a description of your product here.

Use this list for features and requirements for installation

Here you would type instructions for downloading and installing the driver.

Download Link

Blackwire / Other Ver Error / Jan 1, 2000Download Now

Release Notes

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