This form is deprecated. Please follow the steps below to create a new product:

  1. Click BlackWire Designs on the WordPress Menu Bar and access the Products Tab (or Click Here)
  2. Click on the Add New Product button (or Click Here to create a new product)
  3. Fill out all of your details. You may now use UX Builder to create tabs and media rich, custom layouts. (NOTE: There is a conflict with UX Builder and our Wholesale Pricing plugin at this time that will erase all pricing if you edit and save using UX Builder. Please keep this in mind when using this method to edit your pages.
  4. Use [driver-download] and [driver-notes] shortcodes for download links from Driver Manager.
  5. Submit your new product for review.
  6. Upload your driver using the Driver Update Form.
  7. At this point in time your page may be published. Review all information and links on the page then let us know in Slack that it is ready.

To get started here is our recommended template for all driver products:

[tabgroup style="tabs" nav_size="xlarge"]

    [tab title="Overview"]

    Include a description of your product here.


    [tab title="Features"]
            <li>Use this list for features</li>
            <li>And requirements for installation</li>


    [tab title="Installation"]
            <li>Here you would type instructions for downloading and installing the driver.</li>


    [tab title="Driver Download"]


            [col span="4" span__sm="12"]
                [title text="Download Link"]


            [col span="8" span__sm="12"]
                [title text="Release Notes"]